Get to Know Dean

Dean Obeidallah is a lawyer turned writer, radio host and award-winning comedian. He has been using his skills to both entertain and educate people for years on everything from political issues to countering bigotry.

He’s the host of SiriusXM radio’s national daily program “The Dean Obeidallah show” as well as writes regularly for Opinion, MSNBC Daily and Dean co-starred in Comedy Central’s “Axis of Evil” special and has appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and “The View,” Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show,” “Comics Unleashed” and can be seen frequently on MSNBC.

Dean is the co-creator—along with Maysoon Zayid—of the annual New York American Comedy Festival. He co-created the comedy show “Stand up for Peace” along with Jewish comic Scott Blakeman that they perform at colleges across the country in support of fostering understanding between Muslim and Jewish-Americans.

Dean is the co-director/co-producer of the comedy documentary entitled “The Muslims are Coming!” featuring a stand-up comedy tour of Muslim-American comedians performing free shows across the South and West in the hopes of countering anti-Muslim bigotry. The film features interviews with a cross section of luminaries including The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, comedians Lewis Black, David Cross and many more.

Dean has performed comedy and spoken at events across the United States at colleges, corporations and comedy clubs.